This page is intended to solve a problem we developed with the search engines.

BookSnowRemoval.Com, and BonnerSnow.Com were two fictitious snow removal companies used to illustrate how the calendar booking panel portion of BooksSnowApp.Com Smartphone App functioned.

With any luck, the search engines will pick up this page, and instead of directing potential clients to pages that confuse them, they will, as soon as possible, direct them here.

If you want to review BookSnowApp.Com please "Click Here".

Our sales, and marketing information includes emails that direct you to It would have been far more useful to have written the address with the full address of: "", but many server settings spot the "http://" portion of the address, and refuse to let the email go through.

Spammer creeps often set up their trojan horse software through some URL, and an unsuspecting recipient of the email clicks on the link. That new page automatically downloads a damaging piece of code. We can't put our full address, without many servers stopping our emails.

Some potential clients, then copy, and paste the shorter "", address into Google, or other search engines, instead of their browser's address bar. They end up with an over load of information. Most was infrastructure related, and worse, they get an abundance of information from companies that catalogue domain name information.

The proper method of using the "", address we send out is to click on it, or copy, and paste into your browser's address bar. Most servers recognize the difference, but if you copy the, and plug it into Google's search request box, you just wasted your time, and gave yourself a myriad of unrelated material.

If you came to this page from a search engine, and want to go to our home page, please click on our logo.